Softland CRM

Ideal for achieving a competitive advantage by keeping loyal and satisfied customers, Softland CRM tool presents a proactive, customer-focused approach, by means of a quick Internet connection; which allows the company’s top management and sales force to carry out strategic efforts.

Softland CRM allows you to manage different customer and lead databases in order to offer products and services, register business opportunities and establish commitments in order to thoroughly follow up leads.

By providing an easy management of all documents in digital format, this tool allows timely queries of customer’s requests. Additionally, it interacts with Office Outlook to schedule commitments and send emails.

By fully integrating all the information of your commercial area and your customer’s, it allows a centralized control of the actions taken and their progress, as well as the option of evaluating specific business opportunities. In this way, the information becomes a real asset for the company, instead of just an individual asset of each salesperson.
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